The Hunger Games Posters

The German The Hunger Games Facebook page is currently holding a fan poster competition, so I figured it'd be a great way to try and come up with some new design ideas for posters. Here's the outcome.

Click on the previews for a larger view and for the HQ, be sure to check out my DeviantArt gallery.

Playing with Fire It's Us Vs Them Tributes Unleashed

Oh and in case you want to vote for me in the contest, here are the links. I'm shameless, I know. ;)
Playing with Fire - Version 1 | Playing with Fire - Version 2 | It's Us Vs Them | Tributes | Unleashed
Inception - Cobb

Peeta/Katniss Wallpaper

This comm is so dead. I apologize for the lack of updates, but a busy real life and no muse result in no icons. I do have a folder of PSDs stacked away and hope to one day make an icon post here again.

Anyways, instead of writing my thesis, I've abused Photoshop for a bit today. Decided to share these little creations. :)
Click to enlarge.


New York City Rain

Biggest Ian icon post EVER (x115)

I knew I shouldn't have signed up for so many challenges at the same time :D

Here are my entries for iansomer20in20, guys20in20, actors20in20 and celebrity20in20 along with a bunch of alternatives and my submissions to last week's somerhalder_ic ...


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